Armor: Internet protection. Content Blocker for Safari

Armor: Internet protection helps you to block unwanted content in Safari and improve your Web experience.

The most advanced blocker for Safari

Ad Protection

Block intrusive ads on Safari, including pop-ups, text ads, and banners.

Speed Up Browsing

Load pages up to 3x faster, saving time.

Increase Battery Life

Preserve your iPhone battery life by blocking JavaScript ads and tracker codes.

Privacy Protection

Remove hidden tracking scripts including cookies, beacons, and social widgets.

Save Mobile Data

Cut your data usage, and save money.

Malware Protection

Prevents the installation of malware on your device

Armor: Internet protection detects and blocks malicious content and tracking systems on the network, protecting your data, speeding up the loading of pages and removing distracting elements.​

Armor: Internet protection blocks all unwanted content and makes your use of the Internet more secure.